Do you remember the days when you would have school lunches? Surprisingly, I was spoiled when I went to elementary school. My school had a cook that made everything from scratch every day. If we were having pizza, it was homemade... brownies... homemade... pigs in a blanket... the dough was homemade. I ate a hot lunch every day until I switched schools.

Bring Me The News claims that Maryn Holler's picture of her lunch at a St. Cloud high school went viral over the weekend. Holler goes to Apollo High School and chose to get lunch at school on Friday. She was shocked to see that the lunch consisted of a hotdog bun with melted cheese, marinara sauce, and carrots. You can see the post below!

This post received a lot of attention from community members... over 900 reactions, 850 shares and 620 comments as of Monday. Many folks feel that this isn't an adequate lunch and I agree. There is no way I would be full after eating that and there isn't much nutritional value either.

Bring Me The News claims that the St. Cloud School District did apologize for the lunch, saying they won't offer it again. Offical's said that there were other options on that day, so students didn't have to pick that lunch if they didn't want it. They also asked Maryn to meet with the nutritionist to come up with some meals kids would actually eat. Holler made a great point -- sometimes the school lunches are the only food a student will get in a day, so it's important that they have healthy options.

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