As a longtime Viking fan, Thursday’s game against the Packers was about as bad as it gets.  The whole team played horribly but much of the focus was on the awful play of quarterback Christian Ponder. At least he threw one touchdown pass. Unfortunately it was to one of the Packers who intercepted it and ran it in for a Green Bay score.

I don’t mean to pile on the guy, he’s probably a decent person.  But the Ponder jokes have started pouring in on social media and by members of the media. I’ve included some of my favorites and even added one of my own:

(Getty Images)

“In Minnesota, (Ponder’s) name has the same negative connotations as zebra mussels and emerald ash borers.” – Tom Powers (Pioneer Press)

 “A few days ago, some were saying Rick Spielman was a genius for keeping Ponder around in 2014.  I don’t think the Mensa society will be knocking at his door this morning.” – Tom Powers (Pioneer Press)

“The Vikings should have sent in newcomer Marvin Hamlisch, or whatever his name is, during the second half.” – Tom Powers (Pioneer Press) referring to recently signed backup QB Chandler Harnish

“There is only one nice thing to say about (Ponder) today:  He sold a lot of Bridgewater jerseys last night.” – Jim Souhan (Star Tribune)

“Today, the Vikings couldn’t trade Ponder for the beard clippings from Brett Favre’s grooming infomercial.” – Jim Souhan (Star Tribune) 

“During halftime of the Vikings-Packers game I decided to do something constructive like vacuum.  But my vacuum cleaner was broken. It was an easy fix, I put a Ponder jersey on it and now it sucks again.” – Brent Ackerman (Y105) 

Oh well, if you can’t laugh then all you can do is cry.  And count down the days until Teddy Bridgewater returns as starting quarterback and Ponder is back to holding a clipboard for the purple.