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It's four businesses now! Last week we reported two, then three Pine Island, Minnesota businesses received cash from a Mystery Woman who was sharing her stimulus check.

(UPDATED January 8, 2020) Yesterday I reported two Pine Island businesses were visited by a mystery woman delivering cash...she was sharing her stimulus check with them! Late last night I found out about a THIRD business. On Trend Boutique posted this Wednesday.  The note reads, "I decided to donate my stimulus check to Pine Island area businesses. Here's your share."

Now, we have a fourth! Trailhead Grill and Lanes received a visit from the Mystery Woman.

It's a tough time for business, and these kinds of gestures can make all the difference in someone's spirits and energy. It's not easy going to work every day when the forces of life are hitting you hard, and whether it's money or a note of thanks and goodwill, this is what Pine Island is.

Actually, it's all of us. A special fiber runs thru us humans. Sometimes it's hard to see, but it's there. The goodness, the giving spirit, the desire to help. It struck a couple Sunday's ago at Victoria's,

Rowan - Bronson - Bennett - Ryan - Carter - #Sheaboys
Thank You...We are speechless - A fall to the floor and cry moment. Your kind gesture is commendable and we are still in awe. Jason and Mindy Shea & Tom and Missy Shea : Your well mannered young boys have astounded and amazed each one of us. Words do not give a proper appreciation - Read More: Rochester Restaurant Surprised by Act of Kindness After Theft 

And again this past Sunday, the 10th -

Andrew Meissner who works at Bravo Espresso, one of Rochester's favorite coffee shops, shared a message of thanks on his Facebook page after a loyal customer shared their stimulus check with the coffee shop. See his reaction: Read More: Rochester Coffee Shop Shocked By Gift of Cash From Customer

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