I’m a fantasy football fanatic.  I started playing over 25 years ago, long before it became the phenomenon it is today.  Back then I kept track of the stats from the newspaper box-scores rather than have a website automatically do it for me.  That’s why I love this story.

Larry Donnell is a tight end for the New York Giants and he too plays fantasy football.  In fact he even drafted himself for his own fantasy team.  Last week he thought it would be best to “bench” himself and start 49ers tight end Vernon Davis instead.  Sounded like a good idea at the time.   Except that Vernon ended up having a horrible day, while Larry exploded by scoring three touchdowns last week to help the Giants defeat Washington.   So to summarize, Larry helped his real team win but by benching himself lost in his fantasy matchup by 15 points.

I’m guessing Larry will start himself on his fantasy team this the rest of the season.  He’s pretty good and now even he realizes it.