We've all seen Joe Johnson, the 2nd Street Flag Waving Guy! Heck, here at the new   Y-105FM, we've dedicated a few days of music on The Christmas Station to him because he's an inspiration to us all. And now, we can do to help give back to Joe. 

I don't know about you, but whenever I drive past Joe, I can't help but smile and give a honk to let him know I appreciate what he does. I can be in the worst mood, and he reminds me about priorities in the right order.

At last check, the fund was up to almost $1600...let's see what we can do to give Joe the best Christmas present. Sure, he'll be able to buy more clothes and Pepsi, but what I hope he feels is the love of a community as we let him know we care and he makes a difference in our lives.

Can you help out? That would be HUGE!

Special thanks to Dean Riggott for making this happen!