There really is just one P!NK apparently.  A woman who was hired to perform in a band that did 'P!NK' cover songs is now facing a lawsuit. He wants $ 10 Million because, as his claim says, she looks and sounds nothing like her. Sadly, I have to agree on that part, she does not look or sound anything like her, but does this lawyer have a case?  

Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images Entertainment

As you probably already knew, that is the real P!NK above.   Now, we move on to Collette McLafferty. Colette claims that she was paid only $ 75 for this gig that now has her facing a lawsuit with a possible $ 10 million dollar debt.  As you can see in the two videos below, this lawyer does have a point, she looks nothing like the singer she was going to impersonate, nor does she sound remotely like her.

Charles Bonfante is the lawyer from Long Island and he was once a drummer for Michael Bolton on tour. His friend Rik Nevone wanted to start a P!NK cover band this year. Somehow this Colette got involved in this adventure that went south. Rik Nevone hired her for this gig, but his friend, the attorney, Charles, was not to fond of her. Charles is now seeking $ 10 million for ruining this P!NK cover band idea.

Personally I would think something like this would get thrown out of court.  I suppose that time will tell, but last I knew, a 'Cover Band' was a band that plays other peoples songs. She was originally hired to play in this band, and then later, because they weren't happy she is sued?  I guess I do not understand at all.  Why did they hire her in the first place? Is somebody just wanting to get some attention here or what?  Its OBVIOUS that she is nothing close to P!NK.

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