Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A few days after two Rochester police officers were officially honored for saving the life of a car crash victim, the man they rescued was formally charged in connection with the fiery car wreck.

The criminal complaint filed against 65-year-old Leo Holleran charges the Catholic priest from Georgia with two gross misdemeanor drunk driving counts and a misdemeanor traffic violation.

Police say Holleran was driving on Marion Road Southeast the night of February 1st when he turned in front of another vehicle headed in the same direction and the collision sent the priest’s car off the road, into a ditch, and then into the side of the Cassidy Mechanical Building, where the impact caused a fire in the vehicle’s engine compartment.

Officers Hwat Lou and Jeff Stobbs the first to arrive at the scene and discovered an unresponsive Holleran in the driver’s seat. He had to be removed through the passenger side because the driver’s side door was jammed and moments after he was pulled out of the car, the vehicle was engulfed by the fire.

After Holleran was brought to St. Mary’s Hospital, he admitted he had been drinking and his blood-alcohol-concentration was tested at .131. Court records also show he had an impaired driving conviction in Pennsylvania in 2006.

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