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When I saw it on the store shelves, I knew I had to buy it and try it. So I did just that and here's what I have to tell you. Meh.

When you're carving Halloween pumpkins its more about the fun than the actual pumpkin (well, for most of us, anyway). So how well tools work is really a matter of perspective, but I can tell you, this'll frustrate you.

Getting the batteries in, the torque, and the speed are all snoozers. Even changing blades isn't so smooth. When I switched to the carving knife that comes in the kits made for kids, it worked just as well, but less noisy.

The king of the pumpkin slicing was, as always, the actual sharp knife.

Menacing or Misunderstood

It costs around $9 (including tax) and it probably cost 'em 40 cents to produce. If you can get it for $1, it's worth a chuckle. But $9? That's lunch, friend!

Check out the pictures...

Pumpkin Carving On a Minnesota Farm

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