Hi, I'm James Rabe, and to all coffee lovers I have a message. There continues to be setbacks in the Hotel Room Coffee World. This is the story of The Hope and the Blech,

This story goes back a way. I'm always upset by the crappy coffee you get in your hotel room. Last year, I wrote...

From good old fashioned four cup coffee makers to fancy single cup makers, the liquid spewed forth may have an enticing aroma, but one sip of that dreck and you've reached the third level of hell. Add the generic creamer and sugar/pink sugar substitute, and you'll have sweet and creamy dreck, but dreck nonetheless. Dreck.

I called out the Hotel Industry and begged for change. And, at least here in Sault Ste Marie, MI, Best Western responded. I walk into the hotel room and there it was; a Keurig one cup maker!

Best West Cofffee 01

Look at it there. All sparkly and ready to make good coffee.

Huzzahs!  I will have good coffee in the hotel room!

NOTE TO HOTELS: Scroll down for a special message just for y'all.

I got up this morning, made the coffee.

The aroma was amazing, the richness of it filled my senses with joy. Sheer joy.

Finally....FINALLY...my dreams were coming true.

I knew I shouldn't be so excited. The rule has always been, "Hotel room coffee sucks donkey butt. Always." But I couldn't help it. I even too a picture in anticipation.

Best West Cofffee 02


One sip and that rule would be re-inforced.

Sure, it's a Keurig, but somehow, I still ended up with drek!

My face above is from a previous tasting, but today it was the same pain, the same sorrow, and, eventually, the same tears. Maybe it's hotel rooms, maybe it's the coffee pack, maybe it's the world trying to tell me something.

The search continues...

*NOTE TO HOTEL FOLKS - Please stop putting coffee makers in rooms with toilets. People rarely put the seat down to flush and the flush literally scatters what was in the bowl into the air. Poop particles fly everywhere.


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