It's not long, but the video is long enough to show us one of the World's Great Dough-Heads. A man desperate to impress some young women picking a fight with the wrong beat!

Last Thursday, our friend, Mr Dough-Head was on a date at a Zoo in China, and wanted to impress some wommen he was with, so he climbed into the Panda Playland and started petting the panda.* The panda woke up.

is the panda attacking? No...just playing, but Mr Dough-Head didn't know that and ran off with a tear in his trousers.*

*Where can I submit "Petting the Panda" and "Tear in His Trousers" for placement in the "naughty dictionary.

-Whadya doin' over there, Ralph?

--Oh, just tearin' my trousers.

-Stop  that, it'll make you go blind!


-Is that Wendy over there petting the panda?

--((looks)) Yep, just like yesterday! That girl is just hurting herself, doesn't she know that?

-((opens front door and yells across the street)) WENDY! C'mon, put that panda back in and get home...and fer gosh sakes wash your hands. I just don't know what's gotten into you lately!


Annnnnd scene.