Dough-heads doing dough-headed things...that's what the Rabe Shots are all about. Add a Guns N' Roses road trip to the mix and you end up with a Rabe Shot kicked up a few notches!

According to KAAL-TV, a couple guys from Wisconsin were on their way to see Guns N' Roses in Vegas when they stopped for...what? A rest? A quick nap? A chance to eat those Potato Ole's they picked up along the way?

Whatever it was, it looks like they didn't get to do it.

The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office says a deputy spotted a vehicle in the West Side Park around 2 A.M. on April 7th. When the deputy approached the vehicle, authorities say it smelled like marijuana. The deputy conducted a search through the vehicle and found a small amount of meth, 20 grams of marijuana, and at least 50 prescription pills. Dane Johnson and Vikran Gill were taken into custody and are facing a number of charges.