Every weekday I do the Rabe Shots, dough-heads in the news. And these two failed the exam they were trying to cheat to pass...in the best way possible. 

The dough-heads are students at the University of Kentucky were busted while they were trying to steal their final exam. Now, it was in statistics, so I totally understand how they might have fallen asleep in class a few or 100 times. But they're still dough-heads.

They thought they were Bruce Willis in Die Hard, obviously, because they were caught coming through the ceiling ducts. How'd they get caught? Well, they were sneaking into the office on a night the professor decided to work late.

The prof took a break, and when he came back, his office door was locked. And he could hear the guys inside! So, he called police and the rest is history.

Turns out, one of the guys had been doing it all year!

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