The news story, from our own KROC AM News Department paints a picture of a young guy who got angry, and ended up soaking himself and his car. Is he a Dough-Head? 

Rochester police officers had their hands full early Wednesday dealing with a man who may have been under the influence of drugs. The 20-year-old man returned to his parents’ home in the 4900 block of 18 ½ Ave NW around 1 a.m. but because of his behavior, was not allowed in.

So, what'd he do? According toe police, he did dough-headed stuff.  According to the report he got back in his car, rammed into another vehicle, pushing it into the garage. Then he broke  a window in the house and was trying to scootch thru it when the police arrived.

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That'd be the end of it for you and me, but nope. Police say the dough-head-osity continued as he jumped back in his car, rammed a squad car (what does this guy have for ramming thing?), and sped off. Into the freezing Wednesday morning.

During the chase, they got up to 80 miles an hour...finally making it to and then into Silver Lake. The report says he did that on purpose, and refused to get out of the water, so police called the fire department and they brought the guy to shore. With energy.

They brought him to St Mary's where he was to be examined physically and mentally.