I do Rabe Shots every weekday morning around :35 after, but rarely do I run into someone so mean, unkind, and just plain pewpy! FYI: Scaring the heck out of parents doesn't make you a good neighbor!   

There once was a lady from Champlin
Who didn't like to hear kids laughin'
She got so upset
A dinner table she set
And soon roast leg of loud child she was chompin'.

This story...ugh. In Champlin, there's a 38-year-old woman angry because the two elementary age kids next door were too loud and they left stuff in her yard. In other words, she was mad because they were kids. The good news is she's been arrested. The bad news is she got arrested because she admitted sending anonymous threats to scare the parents.

Nice, huh?

And they weren't just "keep your nasty whipper-snappers inside!" notes. Carrie Pernula  kicked it up a nasty-notch and said she wanted to taste and lick their children.

Then the magazine subscriptions started.

“Instead of a name on the address label it said things like ‘tasty children’ along those lines,” Champlin Deputy Police Chief Ty Schmidt said.

The magazines ended up being her undoing because police found her by tracing the magazines.

Here's the thing...she's not being charged. And maybe that's better. We all had a difficult neighbor and, the story doesn't tell us much about Pernula. In my neighborhood, the difficult neighbor may have been a pain, but she had reasons for being the way she was, and sometimes, kindness and understanding help more than a jail cell.