A Rabe Shot is all about dough-headery in the news, and I think this certainly qualifies. If you're like me, this is one of those stories where you think, "If someone had been thinking, they'd have told the neighbor to relax, it won't be up forever."

In Ogden, Utah, the city government got all up in a family's fun business when they said this awesome home-made playhouse...

...violated a city ordinance against, quote, "waste materials or junk" in the yard, and if he didn't take it down, he'd be facing $125 in fines for code violations. The guy's not going to fight it, saying he'd rather spend the time being positive with his kid, rather than negative with the city, which is cool, but what a rip.

Now, I don't imagine the city has the time or the money to be sending the law out to check neighborhoods for "waste materials or junk" scofflaws, so it had to be a neighbor complaining, right? What do you think? Is the person that complained a pill (that's what my mom woulda called the neighbor)?