Let's say right up front, Chili's Corporate did right by this guy, but the store manager and the WWII veteran? I think they have some soul searching to do. Here's what happened.

As part of a Veterans Day promotion, Chili's was giving out free food to men and women who served in the military. And across the nation, it went off without a hitch, except in Cedar Hill, Texas where Ernest Walker, 47, who served in the Army, was not just denied, he had his food taken away from him.

The Dallas Morning News reports, "an elderly white man wearing a Donald Trump shirt approached him and said that he was in Germany and that blacks weren't allowed to serve there."

So that proves Mr Walker wasn't an Army veteran? Well, I won't get all upset about that because Mr Walker said he was an older guy, "so I let that stuff go."

Anyway, the older guy told the manager he didn't believe Mr Walker was an Army vet, so he came over to Walker's table to confront him. It got ugly, and, I'm guessing Walker is used to this problem, because he saw what was going on and turned on his phone's recorder.

Even tho Walker showed the manager his discharge papers and ID, he took Walker's food away. Took. It. Away. It's bad enough to assume someone didn't serve based on the odd testimony of an older guy, but how desperate are you to be "right" that you won't back down when you're presented with evidence of the guy's service?

My girlfriend, Danielle, taught me something a while back and I try my dangdest to live by it. "What good is being right, when you can't also be kind?"