OK, let's be clear...At a restaurant, when you order your meal, you don't want to see poop on the menu. Right? I mean, that's kinda basic. Well, recently Denny's must have decided, more than anything, they needed a mascot, and they picked sausage! Look how well it turned out...

And then we have An American Carb  Hoax. Well, maybe not a hoax, but it's time for the big endless bologna.

This has always bugged me, and Ima gonna sound off about it. It is NOT endless pasta, unless you define "endless" as, "Yeah, it's not endless."

It's simple...endless means never ending. There is no end to it. But, it's clear there is an end. Either when the restaurant closes or when the deal is over. Or, as we say in Making Sense Land, when the deal ENDS!

See, not endless.


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