These are kind of non-traditional Rabe Shots. I grabbed a couple screen shots that confuse me. And annoy me. And since I have the power of the Rabe Shot, Ima gonna use it! 

Expiry? What the What?

When did "expiry" get to be a thing? In the old days (last year?), anti-virus software told me my subscription was going to expire...or that it'd been x number of days since expiration.

"Expiry" first appeared in my life when my work email user name and password were about to expire. The notice was an "expiry notice" and so I deleted it, thinking it was SPAM (because who says "expiry"?). When I couldn't access my email anymore, I got in touch with support, and they asked if I'd received the expiration notices. I said no, we chatted for a second, and then it occurred me to those emails weren't SPAM.

"Did they say something that was kinda like "expired" but not really?"

"Yeah...why would you delete those?"

"Who says "expiry"? Sounds like something a SPAM would say."

"No, that's how we say, "expired"."

"Why not just say, "expired"?

"Because we say "expiry."


I'm not opposed to it, just don't know how it got to be a thing without me noticing. I use desk-tops, lap-tops...all sorts of things that run software and need passwords that expire. But, suddenly, like wasabi. "expiry" was nowhere,...then BAM! everywhere!

Fewer than One?

I was searching for picture of a Salvation Army Red Kettle. And this is what the search engine told me...