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The Rabe Shots are dough-heads in the news. You know, the people that rob a store, but leave their license behind? Hear them live every weekday morning on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show. If you miss it check here, updated every day Monday thru Friday.

RABE SHOT 04.07.20

Back in March, someone called police saying they were on their way to a vacation rental they owned because a RING door-cam told her something was up. When they all got there, they found a big rock had been thrown thru the back window. Once inside, the police found a naked man in a bedroom. He was arrested. Then they found a woman. She couldn't have been wearing much because KARE11 reported,

...officers found (the woman), who they say made an obscene gesture and lit a cigarette before walking intro the bathroom...the couples clothing was found in the washer. (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT - 04.06.20 TODAY, JUST THE HEADLINE: Student driver runs stop sign, fails roadside sobriety test during lesson. (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT - 04.03.20 Some nice normal oddness this morning...In California, a man wearing a winter jacket and a Seed-o climbed on his roof and started screaming at his neighbors. He left before cops arrived. Neighbors have no idea why the man was acting oddly.
RABE SHOT - 04.02.20 In Coconut Creek, Florida (FLORIDA!) two dough-heads walked into a store, and stole two cases of beer. How'd they do it? They told people in the store to stay away, THEY HAVE THE CORONAVIRUS! (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT - 04.01.20 So last week a company in Austin Texas said they would cut employee pay by the amount of the stimulus checks they received...PLUS take 50% of the stimulus act's $500 per child credit has...changed their mind. But c'mon...they still get a Rabe Shot for being such jerk-head-crap-faces. (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT - 03.31.20

A Washington state man was arrested Sunday following a high speed chase on Interstate 5. Turns out the suspect was teaching the PIT BULL how to drive. No lie. (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT - 03.30.20

This started out as just another porch pirate story, but then...but then...In Pennsylvania a woman went to grab the box the mail carrier delivered and discovered it was covered in pudding. So, she called the police and with her doorbell cam, found the would-be thief. Covered in pudding. Chocolate pudding. (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT FOR Wednesday, March 12, 2020

The Corona Virus wasn't winning last weekend in a small town in Western France. "We must not stop living... it was the chance to say that we are alive." That's a quote from a mayor...he was defending holding a 3500 person Smurf Festival. Yeah, it's a cosplay thing. (Source)


RABE SHOT FOR Tuesday, March 11, 2020

Just the headline'll do today. Annual 'Exploding Hammer' Festival Might Be the Most Dangerous Event in Mexico." I'll take their word for it. (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT FOR Monday, March 10, 2020

A simple dough-head tale this morning. In Virginia, a deputy had to work for the arrest of an intoxicated guy in his unders. The deputy said, “He fled in his underwear, He was taken down in his underwear. He resisted in his underwear, and he was subdued with a Taser in his underwear.” (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT FOR Friday, March 6, 2020

Thanks to Susie in Byron for sending me this. In Kenya a 27-year-old dough head pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 6 months in jail for insulting his neighbor. The insult? He called her Matako...or buttocks. (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT FOR Thursday, March 5, 2020

Let's head down to Florida (FLORIDA!) where a woman was pulled over, and the police ended up finding marijuana, crystal meth, a ton of cash and more in her bra. Headline: Marijuana In Bra Leads to Bigger Bust (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT FOR Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Today, Just the Headlines!

  • 11-Year-Old Given Car To Prevent Playing Too Much Grand Theft Auto (SOURCE)
  • Two Arrested for Possession of Whale Vomit (SOURCE)
  • Cops Arrest Goat For Headbutting (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT FOR Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Youth Hockey wouldn't be youth hockey without fundraisers, right? We're heading up to Canada where at a tourney for 7 and 8 year old future hockey stars a kid bought $10 bucks in raffle tickets and ended up winning? $200 worth of cannabis products! (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT for Friday, February 28, 2020

Up to Canada there, a dough-head with a rubber chicken tried to rob a Tim Hortons. Not for the poutine, but for a DONATION BOX! He slipped the rubber chicken over the box and took off. Why'd he use a rubber chicken? My best guess is he needed the money for an alarm cluck. (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT for Thursday, February 27, 2020

On Monday afternoon in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a woman peformed "a spiritual ritual on a dead possum." The ritual involved goldfish, windshield washer fluid, and a Green Bay Packers lawn chair. She reportedly yelled REPENT at the dead possum. No word on if it repented, but it was removed from the roadway. (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT for Wednesday, February 26, 2020

When the headline tells the story: "Baboon escapes vasectomy op at testing lab and flees with two female monkeys." (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT for Tuesday, February 25, 2020

In Scotland, a dough-headed bank robber had the ax in his pocket and the pillowcase mask in his other pocket. Ready to go, he whipped out the ax, put on the pillow case and then had to take it off again because...he'd forgotten to cut eye holes. This made it a LOT easier for the cameras to catch his face, and eventually him. .He's just been sentenced to four and a half years in prison. (SOURCE)

RABE SHOT for Monday, February 24, 2020

Thanks to Mindy in Byron for sending this in...a dough-head in Florida (FLORIDA!) shoved a bunch of meat AND PUDDING in his pants and tried to run out of the store. He's done this before, so the manager was ready and tackled him on the way out of the store. The guy wiggled out of his pants, leaving the meat and PUDDING behind and started running after police told him to stop...so they tased him. One taser spike went in his abdomen, the other into the orchestral region, if you know what I mean. (SOURCE)

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