It sounds like an April Fools joke, but it certainly appears to be the real dill, I mean deal. A hard seltzer flavored like a dill pickle seems to be making it's limited summer debut this year, and as odd as it sounds a pickle-flavored seltzer, it also seems like it would be remarkably refreshing on one of those hot and humid Minnesota summer days.

The pickle-flavored beverage is the collaboration between beverage container maker BruMate and hard seltzer maker Crook & Marker according to a website that touts itself as the official website for the drink aptly named 'Afternoon Dillight.' wrote that the pickle-flavored drink will only be a limited release with only "10,000 12-packs available" when the beverage is released...sometime this summer. To get details on the dill-drop you are asked to sign up for a mailing list, which I did to try and get the low down. Unfortunately, the newsletter I got didn't reveal much only that I will be notified when the drink is ready to be purchased online.

The website lists the seltzer having an ABV of 5.0%, that's got the ability to pickle someone in a hurry if you aren't careful.

Pickle-flavored drinks aren't anything new, when I was in Houston two years ago, there was a pickle-flavored beer that was more salty than sour but went down smooth in the hot and humid climate.

So what do you think about a pickle-flavored hard seltzer? Yes or no? Let me know in the comments I'd love to know your thoughts.

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