Robert Hulseman, former President and CEO of Solo Cup, Co. was 84.

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Filling in for James Rabe last week, I came across a sad story. The former President and CEO of Solo Cup Co., Robert Hulseman passed away December 21st. Hulseman's son, Paul, announced his father's death just last Thursday, the 29th. Hulseman invented the red Solo Cup in the '70's.

The family seems kinda old school and stodgy. Paul Hulseman said his father intended the cup to be used solely for families on picnics. Kind of an idyllic intention that they be used on summer Saturday afternoons with rainbows, bunnies, puppies and unicorns. Paul Hulseman said his father never intended his invention to be used for college keggers.


It's a disposable cup. It's not like he invented goblet, chalice or grail. All of the kids that grew up on red Solo Cups at family picnics, of course their gonna use them for beer pong!

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