Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The ceremonial closing of the main entrance doors to the Mayo Clinic's Plummer Building Tuesday afternoon drew a crowd of hundreds of people, dignitaries, TV news crews and bagpipers.

It was only the 10th documented instance that the massive doors have been shut to commemorate a historical event or the passing of an influential individual. In this case, the doors were closed  in memory of long time St. Mary's Hospital Administrator Sister Generose, who died at age 97 on October 7th.

The closing of the doors five hours later occurred without much fanfare. A small group of people gathered in the plaza next to the Plummer Building entrance, but the TV cameras, bagpipers and dignitaries were absent.

For those interested, loyal KROC listener Brenda Tschann happened by while the doors were being closed and graciously shared these photos with us.