There's a single man that I work with who totally has his grumpy pants on today. He just did a blog throwing all kinds of hate at people that hire a photographer to take proposal pictures. Here's my response to him, and his original letter... 

He starts by saying "pictures taken at a weird angle with the guy on bended knee in a park or somewhere. The girl is so surprised! And yes, it’s typically capturing a beautiful moment in which two people are dedicating their love to one another, but the whole time I’m thinking, wait, where the hell is the photographer hiding? How long have they been there? Is this a thing now? This all feels a little presumptuous. What if she said no? Am I going to be obligated to do this? There’s no way I’m doing this."

First of all, I LOVE these pictures. Call me a millennial, call me love crazy, call me what you want, but I think it is 100% okay to do this. Also, very romantic that a guy would set it up this way. It definitely beats the proposal in your living room...

Video camera lens

Fun fact: my husband proposed to me here at work. He got our digital editor involved, who tricked me into believing we were doing a video for work. It was super adorable, and something I'll never forget. I LOVE that I have that documented.

He continues to say "it just feels like another step in the escalation of people feeling obligated to overpay for weddings."

While I agree with the fact that weddings are extremely expensive, I don't agree that a cheap photographer is where you cut your budget. First of all, they are expensive because they spend the ENTIRE day at your wedding, dealing with bridezilla, your wonderful mother-in-law and working in all types of weather. They then spend HOURS editing the thousands of photos they probably snapped to get it down to 100 good ones. You pay for what you get when it comes to photographers.

I hear entirely too many people say that the pictures aren't THAT important, and that you won't look at them after the day. WRONG! It's on a canvas in your living room, still your phone background and I personally look at mine ALL THE TIME. I love mine so much, I got one of them tattooed on my arm. What's really NOT important, is inviting that one great uncle that you've met once because your mom told you to. NO, it's YOUR wedding!

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