A manager at a local restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota got a HUGE shoutout from a family that recently visited.  While they were trying to enjoy their meal, their toddler had other plans and was a bit on the cranky side.  What the manager did next was caught on camera and will never be forgotten.

Caught On Camera: Random act of kindness by manager at Rochester restaurant

Anita Henry was at Texas Roadhouse with her family when her grandson started acting up a bit, as little kids do at times.  That's when Zach Mattison, the manager at Texas Roadhouse, stepped in and showed an act of kindness that the family was truly thankful for.

Shout out to the owner of texas roadhouse in Rochester my grandson was acting up and he came up and walked him around while everyone enjoyed their great food thank u much appreciated. - Anita Henry on Spotted in Rochester page

Alizae Reyes
Alizae Reyes

The funny thing about social media...everyone can see, and Zach saw the photo that was posted and even had a few comments back, including this one,

Thank you, Anita Henry for letting me hang out with your little one! He was amazing and my staff loved him! I hope dinner was great as well. - Zach Mattison

Anita Henry
Anita Henry

It fills you up with all the good stuff, right?!  You can see more of the nice notes that people left here.

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