If you've ever been frustrated sitting in traffic because someone has apparently stopped traffic, (and who hasn't,) maybe it didn't occur to you that there might be a really good reason for it.  Personally, I've always believed that things happen for reasons we do not always see and this video might show you that and make you think twice about how you view traffic jams.  

Over in Russia, dashboard cameras are used quite a lot. The dashcams continuously record when the vechile is in motion or driven and used for evidence in court and insurance fraud. This video, below, shows various footage obtained from some of these Russian dashcams.  It may just restore your faith in humanity!

Dmitriy Eremenkov / ThinkStock

Shortly after I first obtained my drivers license, I was involved in an accident near Goodhue.  It was myself and another passenger, and a cow.  It was dark outside and this big black cow was crossing the road and obviously I did not see it at the bottom of the hill in the dark.  What was truly appalling was that after the impact, which stalled my car, left my passenger injured, left a crying, mooing, cow at the top of the hill after flying off my car, and a huge crumpled accordion for a car in plain sight for every passer-by to witness, not a single passer-by, of which there were many, stopped to help.

Car after car zoomed by, light after light.  I am uncertain of how much time passed but eventually one person took it upon themselves to stop and assist myself and my passenger.  They had a cell phone, which back in those days was a rare commodity, and called the police.  It seemed as if it took forever for someone to help us.  I remember it as if it were yesterday.


Yes, they even held up the steady flow of traffic, but nobody else bothered to even stop.  Everything did end up ok thanks to the good Samaritan who saw the troubled teens on the road and chose to do something about it.

Maybe, just maybe, we should all think more about people, and stopping to help them.   When I watched this Russian dash-cam footage, that is the first thing that popped into my head.  How important it is to not be upset that traffic is stalled for whatever reason and to pay attention to our surroundings.  It really did almost bring tears to my eyes to see that there are really some good people on our planet.