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Minnesota may be known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but it's a river that creating an awful smell right now.

The spring thaw we're experiencing right now in Minnesota is great for finally opening up the windows in our houses a crack and letting some fresh air in after another long, closed-up winter.

Unless you live near Millpond, which is connected to the Crow River in central Minnesota, that is. (It's southwest of St. Cloud, near Wilmar, a little under 3 and a half hours northwest of Rochester.) Residents there are keeping their windows and doors closed because that body of water is emitting an 'awful smell,' according to the New London Fire Department.

And we're talking really bad here. Like rotten eggs bad. That bad.

According to a post on the New London Fire Department Facebook page, the foul odor is pretty much due to another long winter here in the Bold North. The post explained just why it smells so bad along that waterway right now:

"The awful smell we are experiencing in and around New London is the Millpond/Crow River. The long winter has depleted oxygen levels in the Millpond/Crow River, killing off more plant life than usual," the department said in the post. "Bacteria prevalent in the sulfur-rich soil of the area digests the decaying plant material and produces carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, which gives off the sulfur smell."

The Department went on to note that the smell is often worse in the evening because that's when the winds die down causing the scent to linger. (Lovely, right?) It also said the foul odor will likely get worse before it gets better, and that citizens of New London shouldn't keep calling 911 to report the problem-- because there's nothing anyone can do about it.

I'm glad the Zumbro River doesn't have a similar issue here in Rochester, right? You can read the full post below. And speaking of bodies of water, did you know there are 11 different 'lakes' here in the Med City? Keep scrolling to check them out!

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