For those of you that don't know, I studied engineering & highway design about ten years ago.  There is a couple who met when they were four years old that have come up with an idea to make 'Solar Roadways.' They have been working on this idea for some time now. Scott is an engineer and has been for over 25 years. Just a couple of days ago, they posted this video talking about their idea.  If you ask me, its pretty cool.  

Obviously it would cost a ton of money for everything to convert to this and they mention this in the video. They have not gotten nearly the amount of attention in all this time as they have since they posted this video.  They have a fundraising site, (click here), at which they have raised a little over $ 500,000, about half of their goal.

It may sound like a crazy idea, but really think about it.  I happen to think it could be an awesome thing in the future.  There are so many things that COULD change if they were able to get this going.