It was a sad day last Sunday when American lost a speed record to the Nnetherlands. Nothing against the Nether Folks, but this is bogus man!  Just kidding, it's kinda awesome!

A guy in the Netherlands (a Nether Land Man)? solved the Cube in 4.7 seconds. That's really impressive. And super dexterous.

But machines are taking over.

Remember how a computer rocked our Jeopardy world? Well, it's happening again, this time a robot in Germany solved the cube in about...half a second. Half a second? Yep.

The old record was super pokey. The previous 'non human cube solve' was a super slow 887 milliseconds. The new record is 637 milliseconds . . . or just over sixth-tenths of a second.

I'm pretty sure the new computer/robot went up to the old computer/robot and shot up it's freaky robot arm into the old computer/robots face and said, "FACE!"

And then walked away.

Because the new robot knew there was nothing more to say.

The End.