Rochester, we know that we love construction projects...cause, we've got a few going on... but I am confused with the latest addition on 4th Street SW.

I can tell that we are getting a little bit closer to finishing up the huge construction project on 4th Street SW because I can now drive in and out of all the entrances to our parking lot.  It's almost too good to be true.  In fact, when the large barricades disappeared earlier this week, I almost didn't believe it.  In fact, I drove a little bit slower as I went on the new cement because I just wasn't sure if it was actually true...or if someone at work was pranking me.  #truestory 

But, a co-worker of mine pointed out something with this new project, and now I'm wondering what exactly is going on.  Concrete juts out in a few spots at our corner and the one across the street.  Right now, it is a pretty big tripping hazard but then I thought...maybe we are getting a new skate park and I just missed the memo.  Or...maybe Rochester really is planning on keeping those Lime scooters and these are built-in jumps.  No one seems to be riding those on the streets anyway so why not make jumps!

Rochester, what is this? - Jessica Williams, TSM
Rochester, what is this? - Jessica Williams, TSM

I'm guessing we will soon know why that concrete was placed there.  Until then, jump away!  #justkidding  I will put an update on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) and Instagram once the project is completed and the answer is go hit "like" and "follow".

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