One more spot in Rochester, Minnesota just added to the "Mask Required" list.

Don't pull a Jessica.  Last week, I went to get a cup of coffee in downtown Rochester, Minnesota at Cafe Steam in the Discovery One building and didn't even think about grabbing a mask before I left.  I got to the front door of the place and saw the big sign that said "Mask Required".  I felt like a fool and had zero idea that this spot was now requiring masks.  Another place where you can grab coffee and watch a movie in Rochester was just added to the "Mask Required" list, Grey Duck Theater and Coffeehouse.


We ❤️ our community, and because of that we are once again going to require masks in store for everyone. Our entire staff is vaccinated, but we are happy to make this small sacrifice to make our community a little more safe from the delta variant.
Please get vaccinated if you haven’t!
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Other spots in Rochester, Minnesota where masks are required.

As the COVID cases continue to rise, this list of places where masks are required is also continuing to get longer.  Some places are just recommending masks right now but we do have some spots where you are asked to mask up for the safety of everyone.  Check out the list below and if you know of another place that has changed their mask rules or you are the owner, please let me know at or on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio.

Businesses and Organizations in Rochester, Minnesota Requiring Face Coverings

Several businesses throughout our country have started to be proactive now that the COVID-19 numbers are starting to increase again. As a result, changes to mask policies for their staff and customers have been changed including at these locations.
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Rochester Restaurants from A to Z (Almost)

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