Do you ever cruise Craigslist for fun? I do! And I realized I was probably being a mean person by NOT sharing the awesomeness I found. For instance...


You can't use 'em for babies, but maybe you could re-purpose 'em? Creepy Porch Decorations! Just put some home-made Cabbage Patch Kids in there and boom! Everyone knows how awesome this home is! Watermelon Transport Devices! Never again worry about watermelons rolling around the trunk or the back seat. Just strap 'em in and take those corners at 50 mph! Also good for c antelopes, banana bunches and big bags of grapes. NOT for musk melons. NO one has time for those.


Extra sized cone - m4w (Albert Lea)

To the Mc D's girl who gave me that big extra bit of vanilla ice cream on my cone. (totally inapropro comment about what the woman wants removed by'll understand later why) I was most flattered by this treat halfway through what was a long journey. I hate to think of what your face looked like when I walked passed you but I am way older than I look and you're probably still in high school. he hitting up Missed Connections to hit on an underage gal? That's creepy.

And, finally...YOUR NEXT HOME

Now you'll have to commute from Fargo each morning, but that 5 hour drive'll give you time to make plans for the day!

10'x 50' Trailer house for rent. Located in North Fargo on private property, (not in trailer court). $350 per month. First & last month rent and $100 deposit. Partially furnished. You pay heat and electric utilities. Water and garbage are paid. Off-street parking. About one mile north of NDSU and Fargo dome. Pets considered. Available now. Background check and references required.

If you don't want to live there, how 'bout renting it for Rob Zombie's next movie?