The weekend looks stormy and you and your kids are going to be cabin-fevered! Before you get home Friday, a stop at Target and you're ready for a fun Saturday morning craft! The shoe painting craft tutorial is hosted by one of Rochester's most famous and cool daddy-o's, John Sievers, from the world famous bands The D'Sievers (tomorrow night at Charlie's Pub and Eatery) and After School Special (Saturday at The Bar in Dover)! 

John was in the studio, and so was my good friend and sometimes nemesis Tracy McCray, and we noticed his awesome shoes (scroll down for supplies you'll need)!

Paint Your Shoes with John Sievers


  • SHOES: Canvas shoes (light colored)
  • PENS: Sharpies or paint pens. If you use paint pens, do all the drawering and then spray with a craft fixative (like Krylon or SpectraFix) over it.
  • RULES: C' is shoe rules, just have fun!

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