I've watched this game on the big screen at Target Field...player vs. fan.  I've heard James Rabe play the game with some of our Y105FM listeners too.  I decided it was time to try it out myself.  :)  Welcome to "Let's Play!"  I am going to have 10 seconds to guess as many words as I can that relates to a specific topic.

Amazingly, I always do really well with these games when I watch other people play so this should be a piece of cake, right!?  Let's see.

Jessica vs. ?  Everyone was jumping at the chance to compete with me not really so everyone had their names in a hat and we just drew them out to see who was playing.  This first round = my hubby!

What's the category?  I grabbed a bunch of ideas from friends and the wonderful world wide web and wrote about 20 on pieces of paper.  My handy dandy hat served as our bowl to pick from.  First round = Breakfast foods.  Technically it was book titles...but I cracked under the pressure and couldn't think of more than one so we started over.  Shhh.

Who won?  Check out the video at this link or below and see!  I will say...there is some controversy going on about the actual winner so you will have to just let me know what you think.

Who's Next?  Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube page and follow me on Instagram (click here) and Facebook (click here)...another game with another contestant will be coming soon!  You might see a pretty familiar face competing against me next time.  ;)

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