I wasn’t planning on starting the first day of 2019 in the hospital.

I had my day planned out and even some amazing goals I was going to crush this year, like trying kale and eventually actually liking it.  Ok, that might be pushing things a bit too far but being healthier was on my to-do list. In fact, I had my workouts planned for the month on a calendar I printed and even had an amazing cycling and boxing workout done for the day.  The first day of the brand new year was starting out awesome!

5 pm is when life (and pain) got to be real.  I ate a cheddar cheese beef stick that I have had many times before and my body decided right then that the beef stick had to go.  It was a grueling hour of me having my right side feel like it was being stabbed, getting sick too many times to count, and being home alone with a dog that needed to go outside.

I have dealt with pain due to IBS for a few years so pain isn’t new to me.  Pain was like clockwork. I would eat and then about 10 minutes later I’d feel the pain in my right side so I would take a Zantac and rest on the couch.  I did take Zantac but I’m pretty sure I threw it up at some point.

The first ER visit that night was embarrassing.  I didn’t want to be there because I didn’t want to throw up in front of strangers, and I was sure that I looked a mess.  My very nice husband wheeled me in and I kept my head in the barf bag but luckily, the ER was empty.

I learned through some beautiful pictures that I had gallstones and that my gallbladder wasn’t very happy at me.  I was well aware of that since my pain was at the top of the smiley face chart. I got pain meds, a surgery consult scheduled, and went home once I was calm and could walk again on my own.  As long as I didn't get worse or a fever, I was supposed to wait for that next appointment.

I didn’t make it to that surgery consult.  I was back in the ER on Thursday morning due to a fever and the pain starting up again.  I hung out with all the staff overnight (I like to think that they thought I was fun) and Friday afternoon, I was Jessica Williams without a gallbladder!

My start to 2019 may have started off a bit on the rocky side but I am so thankful for those who helped me and my family this past week.  Those who brought meals, sent a text or message, called, shared a smile or helped get the kids where they needed to go. My co-workers too because they have been so helpful and understanding and truly showed me that Townsquare Cares.

I am also so thankful for all of those at Olmsted Medical Center who took care of me.  (I’m also thankful that they didn’t take any selfies with me...cause I was a hot mess!)  To everyone in the ER, Ultrasound and Surgery area, and to those that stepped in room 222 and took my blood, had me step on a scale, brought me my Jell-O, took my temp, and even helped me walk down the hallway...you were amazing.  Please know that I am thankful for each one of you and the jobs that you do. I didn’t catch all your names but I did write a few down - Michael, Jen, Terra, Julie, Hannah, Jayme, Dr. Beiber, Dr. Juta, Dr. Yang.

If you know these people that work at OMC or anyone in those departments, can you let them know I said “Thanks”?  

I’m ready for my do-over now and am looking forward to an amazing 2019 without my gallbladder.

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