photo credit: Alex Schmidt

Rochester,MN (KROC AM News) -  A Rochester man was arrested Saturday night after smashing his car into some parked vehicles and injuring a police officer in the downtown.

Police say 35 year old Justen Heintzman became upset after not being allowed into a bar. Police say he and a woman got into his car and moments later, Heintzman crashed into some parked vehicles in the city-owned parking lot along the Zumbro River across from the Government Center.

Police officers who were on foot patrol heard the noise and went to check.  As they tried to stop him, Heintzman crashed into a truck, pushing it into a car and pinning an officer between the vehicles. Another officer drew his gun and pointed it at Heinzman. He still refused to stop and the officer used his baton to break the window. Heinzman still resisted and the officer had to use his Taser to subdue him.

The officer who was pinned was treated for a minor injury.

One of the witnesses in the police report was City Councilmember Mark Bilderback, whose ward includes the downtown.

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