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This was such a cute story, and now as we're just a few days away from the 1 year mark, let's enjoy the story of the puppy, and the fire department!


You're out for a walk with your dog and suddenly they've fallen into a sewer and couldn't get out. As the dog's human, you're worried sick about getting them out and making sure they're ok. What do you do? Who do you call? In this case...The Rochester Fire Department came to the rescue! According to their Facebook page,

Earlier this week, our furry friend Romeo was out for a walk when he took a wrong step and found himself on the wrong side of a storm sewer grate. We were happy to get him out of his predicament, and are happy to report he was unscathed. Romeo and his family stopped by Station 1 to say hi and let us know he's doing well.

CREDIT: RFD Click for link

Romeo the poodle was rescued by firefighter Grant Eckhoffand (who was suspended into the sewer) and is now back home hanging out and, probably, soaking it for all its worth.

ROMEO: Mother?

MOTHER: Yes, Romeo?

R: Please fluff my pillows.

M: ((fluffs pillows))

R: And, I hate to ask, but...maybe could I have another ribeye for lunch?

FATHER: Of course, anything!

R: Less burned this time, please father.

Well done Rochester Fire Department, from fires to dogs, you have always taken such good care of our community.

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