He said he'd do it, and he did! Rochester local Oliver Books (one of the organizers of popular music festival Foster Fest) mentioned on social media that if Foster Fest 2018 raised serious money for Mission 21, he'd cut his famous locks.

The goal was surpassed, and Oliver cut his hair!

At last report, Foster Fest (put on this past Saturday) ended up raising $10,264 for Mission 21, which supports victims of human trafficking. My theory: someone else added the extra few hundred bucks just to see Oliver cut his hair!

This is the second time this festival has been put on at Foster Arend Park, and it brought out some serious talent! This year, Loud Mouth Brass, students of Pure Rock Studios, and Sterling & The Silver Lining were just some of the acts featured.

We'll keep you up to date on the return of Foster Fest next year!


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