Eagan, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Rochester man has been sentenced to 17 months in prison for his conviction on a felony drug charge and gross misdemeanor child neglect.

The charges stem from an incident in the Twin Cities hotel in June of last year when Eagan police were alerted by an employee about a young girl wandering the property and crying. The employee had taken the child to the room registered to her parents. After knocking on the door and calling the room, the hotel employee entered the room and found an infant sleeping on the floor and 39-year-old Michael Alexander asleep in the bed. The employee told police Alexander appeared to be under the influence of a drug.

When officers arrived and went to his room, they noted Alexander appeared confused and could not name his children. They also saw drug paraphernalia in plain view, a bag that appeared to contain methamphetamine, and about $2500 cash.

The children, who had what police described as “extremely full diapers,” were placed in foster care.

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