#Wejustneedtopee went viral this week, and a Rochester transgender man is part of the fight. Minnesota lawmakers introduced three bills this week that would require high school students to use the restrooms and the locker room determined by their birth sex.

Michael Hughes

When I asked Hughes why he's doing this, he said, "These laws, I feel, would contribute to the bullying that already happens, and make these transgender youth feel more ostracized, as well as add to the shame and ridicule when they're forced to use the bathroom that doesn't match their gender expression." He's been featured in several national stories including the Huffington Post.

Michael says "I knew I was different at the age of 4." It has now been almost 20 years since he made the transition.

As a kid, Michael says the bathroom was the place he was picked on most, "I would do things like deliberately not drink anything in the morning to avoid having to go to the bathroom during the day. I tried my best to not use the bathroom until I got home."

Michael, who is a public speaker now, says, "Prior to that, I felt very strongly about living a 'stealth' life, wanting after so many years of being different to just blend in. But I realized that I had a certain responsibility for younger transgender people to be visible and fight for equality."

"We're just regular people. Yes, we took a little different paths in life than what was expected of us. But different isn't bad, it's just different."