Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Rochester police arrested a man described as a jealous husband Friday night after he threatened to kill his wife and children with a Samurai sword.

Police say Kam Wong suspected his wife was cheating on him and called her at work, threatening to kill the man she was seeing. He called again around 10 p.m., this time threatening to “line up the kids and kill them”  if she did not come home immediately. She called 911 and then rushed home.

Police Sgt. John Mitchell says she was told to stay in her car. The woman says Wong began hitting her car with his fists, yelling at her to get out. He also pulled the sword out of its sheath several times.

When officers arrived, he put down the sword and was arrested.

Mitchell says it’s likely Wong would have attacked his wife with the sword had she got out of the car. Mitchell says the children were not injured.   

Friday was Wong’s 38th birthday.

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