Rochester, MN  (KROC AM News)  -  Two Rochester men who were linked to a drive-by shooting last year are facing new charges accusing them of running a drug operation.

Facing racketeering and drug charges are 40-year-old Joshua Cunningham and 38-year-old Sean Biren.

Cunningham is currently serving a 6 ½ year prison sentence for the shooting.

photo from Minnesota DOC


It happened at a northwest Rochester residence that was occupied by three children  Multiple rounds from an AK-47 struck a car parked outside the home. Several others hit the home and some penetrated the residence. The children were not hurt. Their father was away and later told police he suspected Cunningham had fired the shots because he owed him money.

Biren later admitted he hid the gun after the shooting.

Sean Biren.-photo from Olmsted County ADC

During the search for the gun, investigators checked a storage unit and found evidence the room was being used to manufacture synthetic marijuana. Also found in the unit were more than 30 pounds of the drug.

Cunningham and Biren are now accused of selling the drug and using the proceeds to buy gold and silver coins and other items.  

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