Over the weekend I found two Rochester musicians with unique takes on dealing with the Coronavirus.

If you're practicing social distancing, maybe your question is, "So...just how far is six feet?". You've heard him on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show promoting Jazz Fest, helping out the United Way or any of a dozen non-profits in Rochester. And today, John Sievers (and his daughter) are helping us figure out just what six-feet looks like.

Click play, watch, and learn.

Of course, the best part of this video is the birth of a new phrase. Instead of calling it 'social distancing,' let's call it "tromboning." How would we use it in conversation? Glad you asked (otherwise this whole paragraph would be a waste)....

Squeaky voiced teen: Hi Mr Kemphmillerson! This is my betrothed to be, Mary Linkinatmann.

Mr. K - Hello Arnold, please to meet you, Mary. Now, you two kids remember to practice your tromboning.

Arnold - But I play trumpet!

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