From the opening ceremony complete with a torch and cauldron to games on skis (including what looks like soccer), the Rochester Nordic Ski Team had over 100 students competing Wednesday! My sister Joan is one of the coaches, and she was very excited about when I saw her on Tuesday. She's pretty excited about the ski team in general because, as she says, "They've all grown so in their skiing skills, some because they want to compete, others just for fun. It's really been great."

Photo courtesy RNST, which is a part of the Rochester Active Sports Club. They have great things going on all the time!

See video of the Olympics HERE.

FYI: I've tried skiing a few times...first time was super frustrating, the second time I said forget the lessons and just went on a big hill and was horrible, but had a blast. By the end of the day, I was much less horrible. If you've been watching the Olympics from South Korea, you might be eager to try HERE and find out where you can get involved!

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