Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -The Rochester Planning and Zoning Commission is scheduled to meet Wednesday and review plans for a large proposed project near St. Marys Hospital.  

It calls for residential and retail space and a large parking facility.  

According to the most recent plans, the project would include a 13 story building that would house 347 residential units, 21,000 square feet of retail/office space and a 560 space parking garage.

The site is located along 2nd Street SW between 14th Avenue and 15th Avenue and includes more than 400,000 square feet of developed space.  


ALATUS project


If the preliminary plan is approved, the developer is expected to seek public assistance to cover some of the costs.

Staff is recommending preliminary approval of the plan, subject to numerous conditions.

One calls for the completion of a traffic impact report and implementation of mitigation recommendations. Another condition prohibits any contract parking for users not associated with the uses in the building.  

The commission is scheduled to meet in the City Council Chambers at 6 p.m.


ALATUS project

Here are the staff conditions:

  1. The applicant shall provide a certificate of survey for the project boundary, included in the final plan submittal.

  2. The will be required to be re-platted prior to the issuance of the building permits.

  3. The Final Plan submittal shall be modified to include the following:
    a. Label width of north south alley between 14th and 15th Avenue SW on C1.1 Civil Site Plan.
    b. Revise label 15’ Alley dedication to 20’ Alley dedication on L1.1 Streetscape Plan
    c. Remove label proposed service access from Streetscape Plan L1.1
    d. Revise Primary Building Unit Mix Table on C1.1 Civil Site Plan - 2 bedroom Unit
    quantity total should read 109 units, not 105 units.
    e. Revise proposed parking calculation to document total parking stalls provided. The table currently totals 523 spaces the actual calculation result is 529 units, the narrative documents provided by the applicant identifies 560 parking spaces.
    f. Modify Cover letter 5) Other information a) Grading and Drainage Plan – Grading and Drainage plan has not be provided with this submission.
    g. Modify Cover letter 5) Other information e) Incentive Development Bonus Density –provided in separate cover letter dated August 15th 2016.
    h. Modify Boulevard Tree calculation ROW length is identified incorrectly on Sheet L1.1 Streetscape Plan actual length is 1193.8 feet as provided on Sheet C1.1 Civil Site Plan.
    i. Label location and quantity of Bike Parking inside parking facility
    j. Exterior Storage standards are required to be added to the zoning tables provided in the site plan.
    k. Fire hydrant locations must be shown on the final plan.
  4. The Final Plan submittal shall include the following
    a. A detailed lighting and photometric plan
    b. A detailed landscape plan which includes information on project landscaping and boulevard trees.
    c. A detailed materials plan for the exterior of the building, streetscape amenities, bike racks, and benches.
    d. A detailed signage plan for the project shall include the: commercial areas identified along 2nd Street SW, residential entrances, and parking facility.
    e. A shadow study that documents how the project will be affect the surrounding properties
  5. Document how the parking facility will be managed or controlled to support the varied users of the parking facility, Commercial, Office, and Residential Tenants, document how the parking spaces will be split between the uses.
  6. The parking facility will not contain any contract parking for users not associated with the uses in the building.
  7. Applicant shall provide information to show the proposed traffic ‘Choker’ can be designed to remain in place when the Official Map 19 improvements are completed in the future.
  8. Completion of a Traffic Impact Report and implementation of mitigation recommendations is required for this project. Applicant shall submit a final traffic report that is approved by the City Engineer and recommended to the City Council for approval, prior to or concurrent with the final plan.
  9. The applicant will need to provide documentation demonstrating proposed building height does not conflict with the helicopter flights associated with the Saint Marys Hospital.
  10. All existing water services to the property must be abandoned properly per the requirements of Rochester Public Utilities.
  11. The water main that currently exists in 15th Avenue SW will need to be replaced or relocated as part of the future roadway realignment and redevelopment of the property west of this development.
  12. There are inadequate on and off site public facilities, specifically Public Roadways, Sanitary Sewer, Water, Parking and Storm Water Management Facilities, existing to accommodate the re-development of this Property. No development will be allowed to occur until the City Council has determined that all required public facilities are adequate for said re-development. Alternatively, the developer may request to join with the City in making these inadequate public facilities adequate for this development, and may enter into a development agreement, prior to Final Plat submittal (or final development approval if there is no plat), that outlines the developer's and City's obligations related, but not limited to: access, Right-of-Way dedication,access to abutting properties, stormwater management (including any obligations for on or offsite facilities), transportation improvements (including obligations related to existing perimeter and proposed new roadways and alleys), pedestrian facilities & connections, financial obligations related to development charges and improvements to public infrastructure.
  13. There is an existing Maintenance Agreement in place for private on-site storm water management facilities within Lot 6 Block 1 Flathers Addition. The applicant will need to obtain a release of this agreement from the City as part of the final plan submittals.
  14. No service vehicle traffic from this project will be allowed within the alley. The applicant will need to demonstrate the turning radius proposed for the alley will facilitate vehicle movements without impacting the abutting private property. Details of the design and use of the alley /
    pedestrian connection can be addressed in the Development Agreement.
  15. Execution of a City-Owner Contract will be required for any public improvements required for this proposed redevelopment.
  16. Prior to the final plan the applicant shall have the needed petitions to vacate the public alley and public ROW in a form to initiate the vacation process.

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