All of this over a trespassing notice? Ridiculous.

Police officers (at least the ones I know) have more self control than anyone. They almost have to from all the b.s. they put up with on a daily basis. That's why I couldn't believe the restraint these three officers had during a recent call to a Rochester convenience store where these kids (supposedly) were caught shoplifting.

The clerk on duty was only following protocol and called in a complaint to RPD, and that's when this happened...


Man... that was intense! Thank god the situation didn't escalate any further or things could have gotten ugly really fast. Honestly, I was extremely uncomfortable watching this and even my heart was pounding from seeing this whole thing go down - and I wasn't even there!

Huge props to officer Charlie and the other two RPD officers for handling this call with such patience and cool heads. I know Charlie personally, and he's a great guy. He's definitely not what the dude holding the phone says he is. That young man holding the camera was obviously asking for trouble and hoping something would happen... but thankfully no one bit, and for that, I think these three officers should be commended for doing a job well done.

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