You go to tuck your little one in bed...but first, you need to figure out where the edge of the covers are because their bed is completely covered in stuffed animals.  Well, your child has a chance to pick one of those special stuffed friends and bring them to their very own stuffed animal sleepover.  It might be a tough night to separate but it will be a magical evening for that stuffed animal.

The Rochester Public Library is hosting another stuffed animal sleepover on Friday, January 24th.  Here's the info they have shared on their Facebook event page:

Wear your pajamas, bring a stuffed friend and listen to a story. Then, tuck your pal into bed and wish them sweet dreams! Come back Saturday morning to pick up your friend and find out about their overnight adventures! All stuffed participants will take home a photo memory book of their sleepover. (One stuffed participant per child please.)

I've heard a lot of great things about this event from other parents!  Click here to find out how to register.  If you've got little ones, sign up.  If you've got friends with little ones, be sure to share this with them too.

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