A Rochester, Minnesota restaurant was recently named one of the coziest restaurants in the entire state. Explore Minnesota is the one who put together the list. They named 6 restaurants around the state that they think are the coziest.

I think this is the perfect time to check out this list because of the cold weather that's starting to come in. In the cold months, we want a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and that's exactly what these restaurants offer.

There are a few restaurants on the list that are less than 90 minutes from Rochester, let's take a look at those and the Rochester restaurant that made the list.

Mucci's Italian

Mucci's Italian is in St. Paul. Explore Minnesota says that it's one of the coziest joints in town.

They also use "top-quality ingredients" so not only is there a great atmosphere but also a delicious menu. Sounds like a place I need to go because I do love some good pasta.

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Tay Ho

Tay Ho is also located in St. Paul. They serve meatball banh mi, pho, and other noodle dishes. Like Explore Minnesota says, sometimes coziness is just a warm bowl of noodles.

They also describe the place as a "small, old-fashioned neighborhood staple" and it sounds amazing to me.

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Forager Brewery

And finally, Forager Brewery is the Rochester restaurant that Explore Minnesota ranked as one of the coziest restaurants in the state! If you've ever been to Forager, you know exactly why they were picked.

Explore Minnesota describes the feel inside as "an atmosphere that welcomes rather than intimidates."

Credit: Google Maps

What other southeast Minnesota restaurants do you think are cozy? Chat with me on the app and let me know!

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