Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - Rochester saw a record number of multi-family housing units built in 2015.

The Rochester Building Safety Department issued 33 building permits for new multi-family projects containing 1,156 units. To put that number in perspective, Rochester Building Safety Department Director Randy Johnson says the city typically averages 150 new multi-family units per year, and the total for last year is approximately equal to the total number of units approved over the past 8 years, combined.

With a number of multi-family projects in line for review by the department, Johnson says he expects the increases to continue this year.

The city issued 364 building permits for new single-family homes in 2015. The total was down 5 from the previous year, but Rochester homebuilders finished the year on a strong note by taking out 42 permits in December. That is the highest number of single-family permits for the month of December since 2005.

Overall, the Building Safety Department approved almost 2,400 building permits valued at just over $484 million. The city has not seen a valuation total that high since 2001 when a building boom resulted in over 3600 building permits worth $488 million.

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