Last night about 50 people gathered in Rochester's Peace Plaza to Stand with Orlando. This is a video of the sounds of that gathering.

Thank you to the Mayo students that put it together, to the Mayor for attending and speaking, but mostly, thanks to all those who attended, for being there. If you spoke, wonderful. If you couldn't speak, just being there was a huge statement.

The real theme for the whole night was love... to love each other. To not lash out in anger, but to do our very best to bring love and kindness to all that we do.

I didn't feel it was appropriate to record everyone speaking. Some thoughts were very "of the moment" and personal for the people assembled last night. I know it's not "private" when you speak to a large group in a public space, but I still felt it best not to intrude upon that moment.

We are all in the same boat, my friends... please help me... help us... row forward.