Rochester, MN  (KROC AM News)  - A Rochester woman spotted a man trying to steal a  neighbor’s vehicle Thursday and was able to get some photographs of him before he fled.

The woman was walking her dog in the 1,000 block of 21st St SE around 9 a.m. when she saw the man in the pickup truck. Another witness talked to the man and he said he was a friend of the owner of the truck. He also gave his name. But when the owner arrived, the man took off running.

The woman who took the photos posted them on Facebook and included his name. Several hours later, a woman called 911 after spotting him outside the Red Cross office near the county fairgrounds  Arrested was 19-year-old Logan Johnson.

Police also found he had some wire that had been stolen earlier in the day from a nearby business. He is also accused of taking items from some other vehicles that were parked near the pickup truck he was trying to steal.

Johnson was charged in September with stealing a truck from an Oronoco business. He is also accused of stealing a vehicle from Rochester that was found near the Oronoco business. Those cases are pending.

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